Freelance paid search SEA

Attract qualified visitors with online advertising

In Web marketing, when we talk about online advertising, we most often use the acronym SEA for Search Engine Advertising. SEA essentially refers to the field of commercial links and, more generally, online advertising. Whether you’re just creating yourpaid search strategy, or your Google campaigns aren’t sufficiently ROI-effective and too costly, I’ll help you create and optimize your campaigns to effectively reach your business goals.

Panda in action for online advertising

Attractive online advertising that meets your business objectives

Thanks to Google Adwords, you can reach new customers and develop your business, whether on your website or in-store. These ads are usually sponsored links found at the top of search pages. But why run Google Ads campaigns? Quite simply, to find you at the very moment the user is searching, so that he or she is directed to your website. Thanks to a preliminary keyword study, we can work with you to build campaigns that meet your sales objectives. As aGoogle expert, I can help you launch, manage and track your analytics campaign.

My goals?
  • Increase your traffic immediately with qualified users,
  • Create advertising campaigns tailored to your budget and your business periods,
  • Increase your conversion rate with the right settings for your campaigns and tracking tools,
  • Thanks to these same tracking tools, you’ll be able to keep detailed track of the statistics and performance of the actions you’ve implemented. This will enable you to effectively measure your return on investment.

A Google-certified agency

Optimize your campaigns with a Partner-certified Google Ads expert!

Google Partner is a professional accreditation issued by Google that explicitly demonstrates our mastery of Google products and our expertise in the management and control of online advertising. This accreditation is reserved for digital marketing companies with Google Ads accredited AdWords experts. Google Partner certification brings these companies and all their Ads accounts a wide range of benefits in training and insights, access and support, and finally recognition and rewards.

freelance google adwords
specialized google analytics agency
freelance google adwords

The different Google Ads features

Looking to increase your sales? Increase traffic to your site and generate qualified leads? Bring your business to life with Google’s wide range of ad formats and products.

Google Adwords

Google Display


Google shooping

The creation of Google referencing campaigns is complementary to SEO missions in the creation of content for natural referencing. Launching an SEA campaign will immediately increase the number of visitors and daily customers, whereas an SEO campaign will take much more time and effort, but will be more effective in the long term.

Tell me about your project today, and let's build your strategy for tomorrow.

Freelance Facebook Ads

Develop your reputation and stand out from your competitors with social networks

Sponsored social media publications meet a real challenge in marketing strategy. The objectives can be diverse: raising brand or company awareness, standing out from competitors by highlighting know-how, services, etc., targeting mass audiences by leveraging social network databases. One of the great strengths of Facebook Ads is that you can target by interests, network, age, gender or even location! The possibilities are almost endless… you can even find audiences similar to your customers from a list of e-mails or telephones, or even re-target your site visitors, and more specifically non-buyers.

Panda in action on social networks for paid search

Facebook ads sponsored campaigns

Meta Facebook now lets you advertise on all the group’s networks. Thanks to their varied targeting and algorithms, you can reach the people who matter most to your company and achieve your business objectives. Together, we’ll set goals and create ads to help you achieve them. What’s next? I manage and optimize campaigns on Facebook Business Manager after setting it up perfectly.