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5, Aug 2022 | Case study, Strategy

Web revival for Valenciennes brasserie Le Président

Created in 1951, Le Président is an integral part of the Place d’Armes, in the heart of downtown Valenciennes. To this day, it’s the oldest sign on the square. On the menu brasserie dishes and traditional traditional specialties du Nord, cocktails and 11 beers on tap! That’s all there is to it!

Almost a year ago, we met Romain and Sandrine to help them support them in their global
global communication

The restaurant’s goal? Make yourself known to a new customers by improving your conversion tunnelwhile retain existing customers. Panda Communication is pleased to collaborate with this Valenciennois staple, on the occasion of a overhaul their digital strategy. We tell you more.

How to build customer loyalty in a restaurant using digital technology?

Visit customer loyalty is a major challenge, whatever your business. This is especially true in the restaurant business. If word-of-mouth is an effective method for improve local awarenessa digital strategy enables a company to increase its sales, in addition to reduce the cost of acquiring of new customers andensure the long-term future of its business. There are many marketing levers to implement such a strategy.

To better understand our approach, here are the 4 stages of a successful conversion funnel:

réussir son tunnel de conversion
  • Capture web users’ attention with unique content

Here, it’s all about visibility. The graphic charter reveals its full importance, used for impactful visuals. The content must clearly answer the questions that visitors ask: what kind of food is served? Where is the restaurant located? Etc.

  • Convert them into qualified sales contacts (or leads)

It’s a first contact, a confidence-building exercise. You need to create a relationship with the prospect, especially for a local business.

  • Turn this prospect into a customer

What makes your service different from your neighbor’s? In a dynamic city where restaurants flourish, it can be difficult to establish yourself as the right choice for good food. This means simplifying the customer experience as much as possible, with table reservations just a few clicks away.

  • Building local customer loyalty

For a brasserie, it’s obvious that a certain amount of “natural” loyalty is built up if the customer has enjoyed the food and the service. However, it’s just as important to maintain contact via platforms like social networks. So you exist, almost on a daily basis, in the minds of your customers: the friendly local shop where they can go to eat with friends!

Let’s start with the first step: being visible, especially on the Internet, and attracting prospects. The proposed solution? Create a new website.

Custom website design

A website is an essential part of any company’s toolbox. Especially in the catering sector: imagine that
80% of French people choose their restaurant based on information they find on the Internet

It’s also the core element of your web presence. From your social networks to your Google My Business listing, all roads lead to (Rome) your site. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and provide quick answers to user queries.

creation site internet restaurant brasserie valenciennes 1
creation site internet restaurant brasserie valenciennes 2
creation site internet restaurant brasserie valenciennes 3
creation site internet restaurant brasserie valenciennes 4
creation site internet restaurant brasserie valenciennes 5
creation site internet restaurant brasserie valenciennes 6

Referencing and visual identity

First, how do you exist on the web? By purchasing a domain name for your site! Panda Communication help in choosing accommodationto guarantee you a affordable solution. Once the host has been chosen, the work of referencing the site can begin.

From a technical point of view, we carried out a study of the competition and keywords on which to position themselves. L’
SEO audit
is essential if you hope to be visible on search engines.

On the design and practical side, the site has been entirely designed to match the restaurant’s aesthetic and values. As the room’s decoration was unique and distinctive, it was obvious to use the same codes. Black, chosen for its sophistication, and gold for its prestige and warmth, perfectly convey the harmony of the space. It was important to highlight this graphic charter to affirm thevisual identity of the restaurant. In the spirit of the Valenciennes region, a black-and-gold restaurant will be immediately associated with the Le Président brasserie.

User experience

After defining its universe, the website was entirely designed to be responsiveThis means it adapts to all screen resolutions (phone, tablet, computer, etc.). This feature is essential, especially when you consider that two-thirds of Google searches are carried out from a smartphone. The format therefore adapts to the device from which you are consulting the restaurant menu. Practical!

We have also created a dynamic dynamic QR codeto access the map at the flick of a finger (or from your table-top camera). Dynamic QR codes make it possible to modify destination URLunlike static QR codes. No need to reprint everything at the slightest change.

Site administration

Panda Communication doesn’t just create a site for you: we tell you how to manage it ! Thanks to ourintuitive interface The president can modify his card himself. Seasonal novelties, price changes, cocktail of the moment: anything can be easily changed by the restaurateur.

Facebook Post The President

Facebook & Instagram: monthly support to assert your presence on social networks

The website is very useful for convert visitors into customersThis is thanks in particular to its speed of use. How do you build customer loyalty? With a business regular social media!

By creating a monthly editorial schedule for The President, Panda Communication posts 2 to 3 publications and stories per week on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a great way to keep in touch with customers. Sharing your news, your new menu, your seasonal team: this strengthens the human link. This is one of the most important values for attract local customers. And in keeping with the chic and elegant graphic style of its posts, Le président becomes naturally identifiable in the news feed.

Result: an increase coverage by 57%, 32% more “likes” and 53% more visits to the Facebook profile between September 2021 and July 2022.

What’s more, a recent Instagram update allows users to access an interactive interactive map listing nearby restaurants, bars and hotels. A feature with huge potential, especially when you consider that
80% of users
use Instagram to consult a product or service.

Not forgetting the classics: traditional posters and flyers

While digital seems to be taking up all the room in communications, thedisplay advertising is not to be put aside! Panda Communication has produced promotional posters for the brewery’s events, as well as advertising advertising inserts for the local press, such as L’Étincelle magazine, and gift cards.

realisation carte cadeau restaurant valenciennes
pub alpine drive out 2022

Did you like our work with Le président? Would you like expert support for your digital strategy? Contact us! Panda Communication offers you personalized support based on your field and activities.