Digital strategy

How can the web help you achieve your sales targets?

Digital is an indispensable lever in any business model, and even more so at a time when implementing a digital strategy is the lifeblood of any company. Customer journeys are increasingly complex and unique: omnichannel, multichannel, multi-device… It’s essential to have a global vision of your strategy, and to integrate it with your business strategy. Search engine optimization, paid search, social networks… Digital levers and channels are numerous. Depending on your objectives, I’ll help you choose the best levers and performance indicators to meet your sales targets.

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What is a digital strategy?

Web strategy: what’s at stake for your company?

To achieve your web marketing objectives, it’s essential to lay a solid foundation for your digital strategy. This starts with the definition of clear, measurable and achievable objectives over a given period of time. Next, we need to determine your targets, your positioning in relation to your competitors, and the acquisition channels and levers best suited to meeting these objectives. This initial investment helps trigger the transformation process that will turn your prospect into a customer.

A single point of contact, expertise at the service of your web strategy

Whatever your sector or market, BtoB, BtoC or even BtoBtoC, I can help you build and deploy an action plan to make webmarketing an effective lever for your strategy. Thanks to a user-centered approach and a data-driven strategy, I can help you meet the expectations of your prospects and customers, and achieve your business objectives.

As a webmarketing expert, I analyze and make full use of the data collected to qualify your audience, identify traffic sources and levers to optimize your performance, analyze your visitors’ behavior and measure their engagement. From this, we build a roadmap, an action plan, a guideline that will give you a long-term vision, but above all keep your objectives in mind, while maintaining consistency between all your communication tools and media.

Looking for a map to steer your digital strategy in the right direction?

What are the stages in a digital strategy?

Building a lasting, effective partnership

The creation and implementation of a web strategy is broken down into several stages, which we’re going to explore together. To put in place effective and sustainable actions, it’s essential that we meet and that you tell me your story. This will make it easier for me to understand and adopt your strategic vision. This approach is essential. By sharing your short-, medium- and long-term challenges and objectives, I can guarantee consistency between your business plan and my webmarketing recommendations.

Work on the stages of a digital strategy

SEO Audit, UX Audit, Social Media Audit

Before we start talking strategy, it’s a good idea to carry out a few audits. Even if your strategy isn’t yet complete, this will give you an overview of what’s already in place, so you can improve on what can be improved, or avoid repeating mistakes. Then comes the competitive analysis. SEO audit, ergonomic audit of your website, E-reputation thanks to social listening, I review all your actions, analyze them to derive the foundations of your digital strategy.

Positioning and target

By working together on your brand identity, we’ll be able to develop your positioning. This will facilitate the definition of your marketing plan, which will guide your marketing actions. Defining your target is just as important as defining your objectives. Your target(s) will be the starting point for defining your acquisition levers and communication strategies. Knowing your target will enable you to deliver the right message to the right place at the right time.

Define your objectives and key performance indicators

What are your expectations of the digital strategy? What results do you want to achieve? Your objectives will determine the rest of the process.

Choice of media and acquisition levers

This is the last stage of the communication strategy before the budget. After analyzing and reviewing the previous steps, we can work together to define the communication levers and media that will serve your strategy. Finally, a detailed roadmap will be written, listing priority actions, deadlines, resources and so on. This gives you all the keys you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors and build customer loyalty.