Digital: implementing a corporate CSR strategy

5, Jul 2022 | SEO, Strategy

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  • Digital: implementing a corporate CSR strategy

You are hearing more and more about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) around you? And with good reason: the social and environmental concerns are at the heart of the news. Every company needs to rethink the way it operates in order to adopt sustainable approaches that will benefit both people and the planet.

So how do you integrate CSR into your digital strategy? However indispensable it may be, it must be reconciled with thebusiness activity and improve relations with all parties: customers, suppliers, citizens, institutions…

Digital is a valuable tool that can be used to initiate and develop a genuine CSR strategystrategy, particularly among SMEs and VSEs, more than a third of which are already carrying out positive impact positive impact (38% and 34% respectively, according to the
CSR Barometer 2021

Beyond its influence on margins and capital valuation, CSR can be a lever for growth and competitiveness. a lever for growth and competitiveness. It enables us to acquire market share, build customer loyalty, broaden the range of services offered to customers and thus increase added value.

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept born in 1978. It’s a global vision of companies that considers their role not only in terms of economic activity, but also in terms of social and environmental responsibility. Over the years, this concept has become increasingly popular. It can be described as revolutionbecause it profoundly alters the company’s approach and philosophy.

Social responsibility is based on an ethical ethical vision of the company. In fact, we consider that a company undertakes CSR approaches when it sets itself a long-term social and/or environmental objective. long-term. Concrete actions need to be put in place to achieve this. She has to work for the common good and not for itself.

Any “responsible” company must comply with certain rules and principles, such as transparency, cooperation, risk-sharing,fairness and respect. It is thanks to these rules that companies are able to work together in the interests of their customers and all parties concerned. Por a company to consider its social responsibility as positive, it must give more than it receives.

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This means that the company must work in compliance with respect for lawsrules and values of society. CSR is known for its ecological aspect (protecting and safeguarding the environment), but also concerns issues related to disabilitydisability diversity andinclusion.

CSR is a concept based on the principles of sustainable developmentcomprising 3 pillars:

  • Economic development
  • Preserving the environment
  • Social cohesion

In this sense, corporate social responsibility must also be an integral part of the digital strategy. digital strategy strategy. If a company doesn’t have a digital strategy, or if it hasn’t integrated CSR into it, it’s possible that its activity will be disparaged.

The aim of CSR within a company is to develop the company’s activities and values in line with international standards and national markets. To achieve this, a significant part of a company’s activities must be based on the trust of the parties involved.

The company also needs to put in place a certain number of mechanisms and procedures to guarantee the quality of the products and services it offers its customers.

A company’s digital strategy is important, as it promotes fast, effective fast and efficient communication with customers, employees, partners and all other parties involved in the company’s operations.

Would you like to implement a CSR strategy in your company? Here are a few key factors to consider :

  • Target customers;
  • Objectives to be achieved ;
  • The means to achieve these objectives ;
  • Market competition ;
  • Corporate reputation;
  • New behaviors and habits of Internet users;
  • Advertising space available on the Internet

To develop a successful digital strategy, it’s important to call on the services of
digital strategy specialists
who have the knowledge and skills needed to build the rightdigital identity of the company, making it attractive and identifiable to Internet users, especially those most likely to be interested in its products or services.

Visit 4 reasons to adapt your digital strategy as a CSR lever:

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1. Digital as a springboard to CSR

Digital is a medium that can be of invaluable assistance to a brand in its CSR development. It can even have an impact on the creation of the brand itself.

Digital allows consumers to inform themselves on environmental and social issues, and to develop a special special relationship with the brand. It can also be a more economical and effective communication tool. According to
61% of French people are satisfied with their involvement in responsible consumption. responsible consumption.

A brand wishing to develop its CSR must therefore make the most of the new digital media to carry out actions and disseminate information: “Know in order to act.knowledge for action” !

As an SME, how can I take action on my own scale?

Everyone can get involved! And the more people we can mobilize, the better.

Firstly, digital technology is an excellent way to reduce waste productionincluding paper. Dematerializing certain documents, such as invoices, saves a great deal of money, and limits deforestation. Then there are the simple everyday gestures: sort your e-mails (20g of CO2 emitted for each attachment sent!), monitor your electricity consumptionget rid of get rid of unnecessary documents,… You can also optimize your site so that it consumes less energy, by carrying out a

technical SEO audit

and practicing
Green SEO

Our recommendation
of search engines “ethical and responsible” search engines are emerging, promising, for example, to plant trees or protect personal data: Ecosia, Qwant, Lilo, Ecogine, DuckDuckGo, …

2. A communication tool

Digital technology is an ideal tool for communicating CSR initiatives. While it’s important not to introduce social and environmental policies just for the sake of your image, it’s advisable instead to distribute and publish content on its initiatives. As well as raising public awareness of the cause, this encourages other companies to take action.

Communicating about your actions and results shows your commitment to CSR and your desire toengage its community on the subject.

The use of digital is important for brands wishing to promote their CSR. By using the Internet, brands are able to create a unique sustainable with their stakeholders.

3. A loyalty tool

The eco-responsible digital is an excellent way to improve your relationship with consumers. Digital technology enables brands to take into account customers’ points of view and establish a relationship with them. Openness to dialogue fosters exchange, and thus the human dimension.

For example, many brands are changing their logos on social networks to rainbow colors for Pride Month in June. The aim is to highlight a social progressby fighting discrimination.

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4. Collecting data for a good cause

Cookies, contact forms, e-mailing campaigns… The collection of personal data is a sensitive topic on the web. However, this data, which is often used for commercial purposes, can have a negative impact on the environment. more ethical use. By gathering information about its users, a company can take their needs into account and adjust its sustainable development strategy.

Brands can better respond to today’s challenges by directly collecting data on behavior and centers of interest and interests, thanks in particular to social networks.


With great progress comes great responsibility! CSR is no longer a challenge for the future, but a reality. reality. Even if very large companies have the means to allocate significant resources to these projects, Corporate Social Responsibility concerns everyone. Reducing gas emissionsemissions, improved working conditions, inclusion everyone gets involved!